Interested in creating your brand, or private labeling one or several of our products?

We can create your private label pet treat, supplement, or hemp product from the ground up. We do this daily across the globe. We create private label dog, cat and horse products for both big and small companies, and one person operations.

Unique, niche, and profitable products for you to take to market.


We have low MOQ's and wholesale manufacturing pricing that fits your budget and financial goals. Most expected selling margins are 2.5 to 4.5 times your investment. We can design your label, make your graphics, set up your website, Trademark your brand, un-gate you on Amazon, get you into Brand Register, and create your infographics.

© 2019 Private Label Pet Brands. These products have not been designed, to treat, cure, or solve a medical condition in the animal. If persistent problems are occurring in your pet, be sure you seek out competent, medical help for your furry people pet. Never let your furry people pet suffer. There are always choices. Pet health insurance is always a smart and affordable choice.